Friday, December 6, 2013

Paint Party Friday.....and a Blah..Blah.... week

Can't believe it's Friday again.... and this has been one of those weeks that just hasn't flowed at all :( 
Tuesday I got my "Holiday Mail for  Heroes" cards sent out....tons of laundry done and started a couple canvas' and the rest of the week I've pretty much just stared at them and wondered what I was thinking... I have to have a Christmas centerpiece done by tomorrow and it's it worse shape than the canvas. 
So here are the two canvas I have going....
Feeling underwater treasures with the first one and kinda liking where it's going...

...then there's flying with fish.... which has me totally baffled..... 

...on the brighter side ...I delivered my crocheted hats to Big Brother Big Sister last weekend. Actually I delivered them to my daughter-in-law who works there 
;) ......

I brought in some milkweed pods to do some nature art at some point.... 
one of them popped open and now I have these silky little fluffs on my desk... they are too pretty to clean up but I guess I should before the cats discover them :)'s random thought...
The world has lost a great leader this week. 
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  1. You have been so busy Carol. Great Works in progress and loving your fab hats. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. The hates are beautiful. Sorry your week was blah - onto a new one !

  3. Love that first painting. I like the abstract look of it. I'm baffled by the fish, too. I'm sure you'll figure out an answer sooner or later.

    I sent six cards to the Holiday Mail for Heros, Nothing like your contribution, but I spent a lot of time making them. I'll show some on my blog soon, since they are the same as I made a few friends.'

    I thought I asked, but if I didn't I am now (grin). May I add your blog to my left sidebar? That's the best way to update your blog I know of, since my e-mail is spotty at best. I never add anything to my blog unless I have permission.

  4. I forgot to invite you to T Tuesday. I think your tea infused tinctures would be perfect. And they are pretty, too.

  5. Lovely work again, and those cps look great. The pods are pretty, too. Nelson Mandela was a really great person, this is true. Valerie

  6. wonderful and busy pieces... love your caps!
    Happy PPF!

    xxx Susi

  7. Wow I see an amazing face in the underwater one...with an eye, nose and mouth popping right out.... very nice starts!! Love the hats you did wow so generous and loving!! You are such a good soul!! Have a great week!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Sounds like you've been very busy, generous, AND productive this week! I'm sure you'll manage that centerpiece just fine … and I'm looking forward to seeing where your canvases take you!

  9. I love "flying with fish"! I don't know how you get so much done on top of working! Makes me feel awful for how little I do get done.. :) Carol stay warm and here is hoping you have a better not blah week!

  10. What a wonderful collection of hats for such a worthy cause carol! You may not "feel" your paintings at this moment but when the time is right it will hit you and we will all ooh and aah over them :)

  11. Really very busy, I love your collection of hats!

  12. Busy and so creative. Your giving heart is so appreciated too.
    Happy Sunday

  13. That first painting looks a bit like a fairytale-night. So lovely. And those crocheted hats! Wow! So colourful and fun! Just keep going with the canvases, you're doing great! (even though feeling blah ...)

  14. I miss you! Where ARE you? I showed cards similar to the ones I made for Holiday for Heroes on my blog on Wednesday. If you have time, please stop by and look at what I made.