Saturday, January 24, 2015

Paint Party Friday

Late AGAIN :-( 
It's been a slow week for me with very little energy and not much accomplished . 
I did finally get the painting finished last night but no energy then to post it. 
I'm beginning to think that winter is not a good season for me :) 
So once again I am thinking about summer and flowers and dreaming of green grass and warm sunshine on my skin. 
Here's today's painting...

It's a 12in X 12in  gallery wrapped canvas done with acrylics and ink. 
It seems that Echinaceas are my flower of choice this year so perhaps I need to plant a few more  . I need to make sure I have lots of inspiration for new winters art ♥
Here are a few of the in-progress photos from yesterday. 

The red package in the first photo is a CD my daughter burned for me ... My very first Grateful Dead concert in 1973. The music I was listening to as I painted. 
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  1. Beautiful work, your canvas is really lovely. Echinacea is a healing plant, perhaps that's a reason why it is important for you. Hope you soon feel better, and I think we will all be happy when winter is over! Hugs, Vlerie

  2. Really love this piece. What stunning pink flowers. Happy PPF

  3. Pfft, late. Hooray for joining, whenever you manage it! I love the flowers! Such a beautiful job on the delicate petals and butterfly wings.

  4. Carol I love coneflowers! Such a pretty painting. The butterfly loves them too.. :) We planted lots of coneflowers in one of our beds and they did great for a couple of years. The Goldfinches loved munching on them at the beginning of winter. But they just didn't come up after a bit.

  5. oh yes, summer ......! Can't wait for it to arrive. It's good to look at your beautiful flowers and think of it.

  6. Gorgeous work Carol I think Flowers are absolutely your forte!! Wow such a wonderful piece!! I think winter weather is tough for many middle aged people! Wishing you sunshine and crispy air!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. I stopped by to see your Grow Your Blog post, but don't see it. I hope you are feeling well enough to get it up, because it was your blog I first saw the party from. Have a super day, regardless.

  8. Wow, this looks wonderful! I really love the bright green with the pinks here. It's very colorful and cheerful.