Monday, January 26, 2015

T Stands for Tuesday

It's T for Tuesday! 
It was a beautiful day here today. We got the sunshine and warmer temperatures that I'm sure the East Coast is wishing they were having. 
For those of you in the path of that nasty storm....... Stay Safe !
I'm guessing that this week is going to be a fiber art week here. :) Last night I crocheted a hat using this yarn that I had dyed recently.....
I'm really happy with this color mix :) 
This morning I felted the hat and here it is drying....
Notice the  big mug of herbal tea ? How could you miss :) Love this mug too a Christmas gift from my future daughter-in-law. 
The crochet flower will be attached to the hat just not exactly sure where yet.  Have to wait until it's dry and then play with it a bit to figure that out. 
Yesterday I also dyed another lot of yarn using more blues and going for a darker shade... here it is wet.

I can barely wait for it to be dry so I can wind it up and see what it looks like. 
Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago I made 100 hats for charity.

Lots of friends and co-workers donated yarn for that and I have lots left so I have decided to do hats for charity again. I'm not setting a number to get done this year; just as many as I can. 
I've started a new painting too.... well it's rough sketched on a canvas board. 
As you can see I'm still stuck on the cone-flowers. Maybe my friend Valerie is right and I need the healing the cone-flowers offer.
Random thoughts for today...

So that's where I'm at this week .
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  1. Those hats are darling and the blue felted hat is a beautiful mix of blues. It WAS a beautiful day today... we have been lucky with the weather Carol! Good Night!

  2. 100 hats!? Wow, that's so awesome. Bravo you! And your going to make more this year. You are so generous of your time and talent. Your blue hat is beautiful and the new yarn a fabulous shade. Your tea cup is fun, your future d.I.l, knows how to reach your heart. (always a good thing, lol). Happy T Day :o))

  3. The hats arre lovely!Aannd the blue hat is gorgeous!Love yourr teea cup!

  4. Those charity hats are gorgeous, but so is the one you are currently making. I feel like a schlep up against the things you accomplish every week. Take that dyed yarn, for example. Yours is truly spectacular. I love the mottled look you got, too.

    Thanks for sharing this adorable smiling mug and your fibers with us this week for T.

  5. Your newly felted hat looks stunning! What a talent you have and a kind heart to make all those hats for charity! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the latest dyed yarn and how your cone flower comes out!

    Happy T Day!

  6. What a stylish hat! Very cool that you dye your own yarns. Yes, I am in the northeast and DO wish I had your those random thoughts:):) Happy T day!

  7. Beautiful yarn you're dyeing...I never get enough blue
    what a lot of wonderful hats you've made too = WOWEE and for such a good cause.
    Great Mindy Hale quote too...TFS
    Happy T Day!

  8. fabulous hats and I like that sketch too

  9. Great hats! And you dye your own yarn, too. Beautiful blues.
    I really enjoy cone flowers. Can hardly wait to see yours.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  10. Hello and Happy T Day! How sweet these hats are, love the idea of giving them to charity. How wonderful that you can make them, would love to learn if I had the patience. Have fun and thank you for doing them, the will be so appreciated.
    CUTE mug, snowman always make me smile :)

  11. Love the colors of the dyed yarns. I had not realized that you had made all those hats for charity last year! What an undertaking! I am so awful with the knitting needles and crochet hooks.

  12. Love the colour so the yarn you have there, the hat looks nice and warm too
    Bridget #7

  13. Your hand-dyed yarn is gorgeous! The hat is amazing as well. How inspirational!!
    Happy T day! Thursday is a T day right??