Friday, August 21, 2015

Paint Party Friday

It's FRIDAY and time to 
It was the last week of the big tomato harvest and cook downs. From here on out it will just a few here and there. :) I'm ready to be done with tomatoes for the year. 
It was a beautiful day here today... so much cooler and low humidity :) I did a walk about the place to see what has been happening while I was stuck in tomato land the last 2-3 weeks. 
Right out I spotted this and was not even ready for these yet ....
Earlier this summer one of our dead trees fell during on of the many storms we had this year... It has been dead for about 10 years so it was time. I had trained some Wisteria vines to climb up and around it though so it was still a beautiful tree, especially in the spring when the Wisteria was in bloom. 
Now the Wisteria is running all over the ground back there and DH is complaining about it getting caught in the weed-wacker and lawn mower. 
So this is my temporary fix for it. 
There's still a ton of it running all over so I will have to work on that some more next week  :/ Maybe I'll have several arches . 
So now for the important stuff....
....the art :) 
She's finally done :) 
I'm happy with her and can't believe how long it took to get her done...but I did have a lot of interruptions. But now that the garden is winding down I'll have a whole lot more time to play with my art supplies again. 
Today's Random Thoughts...



  1. Oh! I am not ready for Fall either Your lady looks great .Love the feathers' sketch.
    Happy PPF

  2. Your dream catcher lady is wonderful, what a beautiful painting! Glad the big tomato season is over, and that you will soon have more time for other hings. Here the first autumn leaves are showing themselves, too - time flies! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Love "sassy pants"! Your lady turned out beautifully. We have a big Oak that didn't make it this summer and will have to come down... sad. Our neighbors who aren't too neighborly are busy dozing the trees behind us to clear the fence line.

  4. She is beautiful. And the sunflower poster sings my song

    Much love...

  5. Hi Carol. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Love your finished piece, great work.

  6. oh no... I'm not ready for that first picture either ..... I love your solution for the Wisteria, and your finished painting is a beauty. She looks very native American.

  7. Oh Carol did you make me laugh at Tomato land... and then the coffee quote... lovely dream catcher gal too!! Great idea with the wisteria! I am so ready for the autumn leaf!! Bring it on... cool weather that is!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Carol, your painting of the Indian maiden is gorgeous. I love the look on her face. You are one busy person with all your tomatoes. I have one plant and right now there are 4 green toms on it. I hope they will have time to get ripe before frost. I also have leaves falling, mostly due to the drought.