Friday, August 7, 2015

Paint Party Friday & Art Journal Journey

It's Friday...
and another week is coming to an end. 
It's been a low activity week here as I woke up on Sunday with my back giving me fits...still have no idea what caused it. So I spent most of Sunday - Tuesday laying around with ice on it. Did get a couple of good books read so it wasn't a total loss. 
Wednesday I canned some more tomatoes and started this painting for a friend. 
Trying out new methods with texture for this one. It's nearly done. :) 

On Thursday there were more tomatoes  but I just didn't have the energy to can them so they were blanched and popped into freezer bags and frozen. Later when I have more energy and less pain I will take them out and cook them down to sauce. 
I also worked in my art journal a bit ...
... I had found an older face painting from 2012 when I had just starting figuring out how to do half way decent faces. This was painted on an old hardback book cover cut in half. I did that a lot when I was practicing because I didn't have enough money to buy a gazillion canvases to practice on. :) 
Painted the back background on the journal pages over time with left over paints from other paintings. I added a couple of reversed prints of clocks for the Art Journal Journey of "TIME" this month and added the words
" Time Changes Everything" 
So here it is Friday again and I'm sharing these with all of you great folks at...
Paint Party Friday
Art Journal Journey.

My table and baskets are also full of tomatoes again but I think I will be sharing most of these with people I work with. 
Today's Random Thoughts...


  1. Lovely post today, and you have made me very happy with the great journal pages for Art Journal Journey, thanks. Your WIP is coming along well and I always love the sight of your tomatoes, even though they are a lot of work for you! Take care, Sweetie, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Carol I so feel your pain with your back. In the last month and a half my back has gone out three times. I heard the pop and I was on the couch with ice packs too and then the therma care wraps. It takes at least 7 days for me to come back from those back issues. Hope you are doing better this morning. Love the colors you have started.

  3. It's so good to catch with your, Carol. I swear, we're kindred spirits! Love your art, your gardens, your passion, your random thoughts ... and I *do* hope your back is behaving!

    Be well and merry creating! (Which, you know, includes canning!)

  4. Wishing the best for your back Carol! Wonderful post and amazing journal pages!
    So happy you linked to Art Journal Journey!

  5. Awesome tomatoes. Very nice painting. I usually wash the tomatoes, dry them and put in freezer bags. They freeze, don't stick together and when I need them...I take what I need out of the bag, run them under water and the skins come right off. I use them for stews, salsas, soup. Etc. have a great day Carol and hope you get better soon.

  6. I have enjoyed reading your post and seeing your awesome journal pages. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. I love all the beautiful colors in your painting! And all those tomatoes, how wonderful. My one plant has produced a few and has more flowers so every now and then I get a real tomato, not one of the storebought cardboard ones.
    Carol, I hope your back heals up really soon.

  8. Sorry to read about your back pain.
    That certainly can take the joy out life and make everyday chores really difficult. Hope you're feeling much better very soon Carol!
    Lovely beginning to the painting for your friend and your journal pages are so colorful and lovely too!

  9. I hope your back is much better by now. Does make things hard. Fabulous work in your first painting, its has wonderful texture and the colours are lovely - looking forward to you finishing it. Love your journal page too!