Thursday, September 10, 2015

29 Faces in September 2015 & Paint Party Friday

It's been one of those absolutely insane and busy two weeks here and right off the bat I fell behind in the 29 faces Challenge. 
The last two days have been calm finally and I was able to push my self to catch up... although yesterday I probably shouldn't have tried. When you see 4 & 5 you'll understand :) 
Face 1 was done on time...
...and so was Face 2 ..
....Face 3 was almost finished on time...
and then 4 & 5 were done yesterday ... I had taken 2 pain pills for my back and for some reason decided to draw and paint with my left hand---my non-dominant hand. What was I thinking? Oh ...that's right I wasn't LOL! 
After 5 I gave up and went to bed. :) 
Today went much better..
Face 6
She was inspired by a YouTube video by

Face 7 
A brush sketch inspired by a magazine photo

Face 8 
Another brush sketch inspired by a photo of
Jimmy Fallon 
Faces 9 & 10 
Painting of the same face sort of :) in the reversed pose. 

The garden is winding down and I have more free time now... 
which is good because I've adopted 14 Monarch Butterfly caterpillars and I'm raising 8 of them inside.

It's been a fun experience  and a learning one. I put half of them outside on the milkweed and brought the others inside to hand feed and raise. I have discovered 3 of the ones I placed outside dead already...attacked by wasps. So I'm going to try and find the others outside and bring them in too. They move around so much it's difficult to find them sometimes. 
Hopefully I'll be able to get some photos of the butterflies as they come out of the cocoons. It will be about 2 weeks before that happens. 
SO that's what's happening in my world this week. Tomorrow I get another injection in my back and the pain should go away for a few months. I just had too much going on this month and it all made things flare up :( 
Today's Random Thought
Got this from a fellow blogger this week and I love it. If only more people lived by these words ♥


  1. Oh, your poor back, hope the injection helps! So familiar, my own back was operated five years ago and it's been quite manageable since then.

    I actually like that face 5, it tells your feelings! Face two has such marvelous hair.

    Get well!

  2. Good on you for catching up Carol! And very brave to still make your faces while your back is hurting. I don't think 4 and 5 are bad at all! Love the wild hair in the second one, and your face inspired by Christy Sobolewsli turned out a lot better than mine.... That must be really interesting to see those caterpillars change. I didn't even know it was possible to raise them inside. Wouldn't have a clue on what to feed them.... Hope your back will get better soon!

  3. Hope your back soon feels better, take care of yourself. LOve the faces, all so different and expressive. Have fun with your butterflies! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  4. #5 has a lot of potential! Just give it a chance :oD
    Great work, and take care of your back, no fun :oP

  5. Did you put a link at ppf this week?.... I looked for it! Sorry about your back and those injections sound rough!! Your faces are amazing love Fallon and I love number fours expression...I almost see you feeling that way!! Three is very cool... funny how the creative bug only hits when it feels like it!! Hey I think your yahoo email has been hacked I got a weird email from you in my junk with a very sketchy link...might want to send an email warning people!! Take care of yourself!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Wow, you have been a busy bee and all the faces reflect your great creativity. Love the quote and will use it on my regular blog or on a journal page... Thanks for the inspiration! Hugs.

  7. Wow so many faces in such a short time. Well done. Love the photos too.
    Hope you are feeling better with your back.

  8. Hope your back gets to feeling better! I love the caterpillars... how interesting ! Seeing your new faces is always fun!