Thursday, September 17, 2015

Art Journal Journal-Paint Party Friday- 29 Faces

What a week! 
One of those week where I couldn't stay focused on much of anything at all. 
I got my injection on Friday and it took longer to start working this time. But things are finally starting to feel better. 
However, they are now talking about surgery in the future and I think I'm beyond ready for that. I would like to hold off until the new year though for insurance purposes. So I'll just have to be more careful of what I do  until then. Shouldn't be hard with the garden season coming to an end.
So for the art this week, here's my entry for 
Art Journal Journey---Windows..
It's also Face # 11 and # 12 
for 29 Faces . Created while watching another YouTube video by 
Christy Sobolewski

For Face # 13 I reworked an old face from 2013 that I was never happy with...
....the before....
...the after....
I'm much happier with it :) 
Not much going on in the gardens.. a few tomatoes here and there and some squash. Will have a few peppers in a day or so but everything is small this year :( 
Finally My favorite Dahlia is blooming and it's small too ...

The last caterpillar is now cocooned so we have 8 cocoons :) 
Here it is the evening before it went into hiding.
So that's what's happening around here.. 
Random Thoughts for today....

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  1. Great post. Love your face. The flower is amazing and how can you go wrong with caterpillars. Happy PPF

  2. Wonderful work, love the face you reworked, and the gorgeous journal pages looking out and in, with the wonderful face and the pot of flowers, just fantastic. Happy PPf, and thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie. Good luck with your back!

  3. What a wonderful page with an amazing face and such beautiufl flowerpots and the reworked face looks really great ! Best wishes for the back! Thank you for joining us at Art Journal Journey!

  4. Your journal page is fantastic and the face after great. Love how you have created her hair. Beautiful photos, too.

  5. I love your faces this week! I had seen the one you re-worked on Facebook already, and you're right: sooo much better! Love the quotes too. Hope your back holds out until the new year! With the gardening season over, you should be able to relax for a few months in front of a woodfire, no? ;-)

  6. Fun faces today! You did a great job on them.

  7. Pretty faces today! Cool about the cocoons! Hope your back calms down now. Surgery doesn't sound like fun.
    Enjoy your weekend, Carol!

  8. Lovely faces and fascinating about the cocoons ~ Hope you don't need surgery ~ be well ~ Creating helps sometimes ~

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. That is a gorgeous dahlia -it looks like it needs to be sketched carol:):) great paintings -nice skin tones and shading. Hope you feel better real soon. We are still pulling lots of tomatoes, zucchini. eggplants, peppers, green beans and even kale and lettuces-and I'm still not tired of them:)

  10. I was totally impressed with the woman's face after the rework.

    Wow, there will be monarchs quite soon, I suspect. I look forward to updates.

    I like the concept of looking out and looking in. What a great way to meet the AJJ challenge.

    Your dahlia is gorgeus.

  11. Good work, nice faces both - before and after.

  12. I love this post except hearing how long it took for the shot to work! Lovely faces and wonderful words of wisdom. We live by the food one and the others too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  13. The dahlia is lovely and I hope that you can hold out until the new year... Surgery in any form sounds scary...xx

  14. Love your faces, beautiful dahlias

  15. Wonderful journaling. I like to go back in and rework old work. Recycling is good. xox

  16. I adore your faces--especially that first one. Your photos are lovely, too.