Friday, September 25, 2015

Paint Party Friday and 29 Faces in September 2015

Another week  has passed  and with it Summer has become Fall . This year it was hard to turn loose of Summer for me. The long cold and wet Spring that dragged out through the early summer just shortened it too much. I enjoy Fall but I am a SUMMER  girl through and through. 
So trying to embrace Fall I created this Gelli Plate print collage  and enhanced it with painted dots. 
The colors didn't scan as well as usual but I like it. 
I've also been working on my 29 Faces in Sept.  It was hit and miss withe faces this week .... here are #16 -#24  only one got painted and it is definitely up for a rework ...the proportions are totally off on it  ..  ...those shoulders have to go first and then we'll see what else needs fixed  ☺

During this challenge I do a lot of sketches and then come back later and paint them . 

The Monarch Project is going well ♥ We have released two so far and have two more to release later today. It's been very rewarding and we hope to raise even more next year. Even my husband has gotten excited and involved and is ready to create a new milkweed garden . He hates yard work and gardening so that's a major score to get him involved ♥



  1. Your post is just lovely - from the gelli print to the faces to the fantastic butterflies - love it all! Glad you have even got your husband enthusiastic. And the Peanuts quote at the end is great! Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

  2. a post filled with wonderful things Carol! I am really enjoying the wonderful array of portraits you are sketching. Your fall page is rich in those autumnal colors-but I too will miss my favorite season of summer. The monarchs are just gorgeous! great random thoughts too:)

  3. Of course I love your faces and look forward to seeing them resurface later as paintings! But your Monarch Project ~ wonderful. And I love that your spouse is excited about it too!

  4. My goodness! What wonderful faces! I love the leaf painting, too. It is so sweetly Fall.

  5. Wonderful sketches! The last girl looks like a rocker, singing her heart out! As for the shoulders I think they work well as though she is slightly turned towards the camera....

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Love the painted girl. I am having color problems on my laptop and the desk computer is packed to go to the Apple "doctor". The laptop only shows a vry faint bit of art on the drawings without color. I know they are probably very nice, Carol, since you do draw very well.

  7. this is a fabulous post... great faces and love seeing the butterflies... a fabulous project

  8. ooh, I know what you mean, I'm a summer girl too and the coming of fall always makes me a bit depressed, knowing that we have the long winter in front of us (and seemingly endless.....) Summer's always too short for me. Great work keeping up with the 29 faces!! You have some really difficult head poses there, great work on drawing those! That butterfly is just beautiful, must be so exciting to see them come out!

  9. I love the leaves and all the different faces! I really like the last one. That is wonderful about the butterflies, Carol!

  10. autumn art and wonderful faces
    butterflies and memories of spring and summer
    so glad your husband wants to garden for the butterflies
    lovely weekend to you