Friday, June 20, 2014

Paint Party Friday----June 20, 2014

Thanks again to Eva and Kristin for hosting this fun event! 
Congratulations to Jane Coquillon on being chosen as the feature artist this week. Some amazing work on her blog for sure <3
The heat is here and I'm spending less time outside. Just staying out there long enough to do what has to be done and then coming inside to the cooler air.
Which means I have a little bit more time for art now :) So I actually have more than one piece to share this week. 

The Bee Balm in my gardens is in full bloom this week which has inspired two of the pieces. Here's the real thing....

Here are the two drawings I did ...
 The first one is done with my uniball SIGNA 207 and the second one is done with Prisma Colored Pencils. 

The painting for this week is a Tee-shirt that I wasn't all that crazy about  so I painted on it to make it more interesting. 
I used fluid acrylics mixed with Liquitex fabric medium. It's the first time I've used the fabric medium so we shall see how it does. It does make the paints much softer on the shirt instead of stiff. Time will tell how it holds up. 
The gardens are exploding.... I have flowers everywhere. 

These are some of the plants that I have around the fish pond in the back. There are several different kinds of Dragon Flies that live out there, but this is the only one I could get a picture of that day. 
Some random thoughts for today are....

Don't for get to check out the other great artist this week ...Just click on this picture on my sidebar and it will take you right there :) 
Paint Party Friday


  1. Wonderful posts. Your garden is gorgeous. Love the drawings and of course, that T-shirt is a hit! Valerie

  2. Love the one done with the uniball! The Tee is darling, her hair and flirty dress are sweet. Love all your garden pictures!

  3. what gorgeous garden flowers and plants Carol! Fabulous flower illustrations too-great details. LOVE your new T shirt!

  4. Your drawings are great and the t-shirt looks wonderful. Wow I love your gardens. Same here, I do what has to be done early morn and then indoors to stay away from heat. Nice work Carol. Have a great weekend.

  5. Your bee balm painting/drawings are fantastic, Carol. You really were able to capture the exact look! and all those beautiful flowers. I know you enjoy your lovely garden.

  6. Carol you can just send some of the heat my way. LOL Summer is so cold here in Florence, OR. I do love your art and your garden. How nice to paint the flowers you grow.

  7. love the black and white drawing and those quotes at the end... a great way to finish a fabulous post...xx

  8. Beautiful, detailed drawings of the flowers. I don't know whether i would have the patience for this .... Love the painting on your t-shirt! And your garden is so so beautiful ... I LOVE those swans .... And of course the many flowers and greens.

  9. I love the flower done in Prismacolor! So pretty and dynamic. My favorite photo is the first with that bright green grasshopper. :)

  10. I just loved looking at your garden pictures, so very lovely. Linking up with Paint Party Friday waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥