Friday, June 13, 2014

Paint Party Friday

Opening day for the weekend and launch day for Paint Party Friday. Special thanks to Eva and Kristin for making this day "EXTRA" special :) 
This weeks art is a page out of my garden journal...
water color pencils and ink ..
 At first I wasn't liking it at all but after adding the ink it's starting  to grow on me. 
Kinda like my flower garden in front is growing on me. My husband decided he thought the bed would would great done in only purples and yellows..... I love a wilder mixed up cottage style garden. He likes it more tailored and defined. I tried to reach a happy medium ...but I'm really missing the reds and blues. Maybe after it's filled out more. 
The Bee Balm is about to bloom and then maybe I'll like it more. The empty spaces actually do have plants but they are new perennials that won't do much this year. I think I'm going to top off the mulch with some dark brown or black mulch and I think it will look better. 
I untied the branch to the storm damaged Rose of Sharon and they are still hanging down too far. Will tie them back up today and hope for the best. Worst case I'll have to prune heavily this fall. 
"Fuzz" has flown the coop :) He was ready and so was I ...taking care of a bird at work was becoming a real challenge. He didn't want to stay in his box at all. He sat on the ladder for about 15 minutes...just looking around and taking things in and then off he flew to join his family in the Plum tree. Lot's of robin singing and joyful noises coming from that tree. 
Today's thoughts...

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  1. Your flowers are beautiful, Carol, both the ones in the photos and the ones you painted. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Lovely post, the flower pges are gorgeous and glad Fuzz is now independent! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Love that quote Carol. Your flower pictures are awesome, great job. Your painting is great. You put a lot into it. :)

  4. Lovely artwork Carol and thanks for sharing your gardens. I'm a bit like your hubby and love a few colors. The gardens are coming along lovely by mid summer you'll be loving it! Great quotes!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Love both versions of your flowerpainting Carol, with and without the ink. Sounds like you and your husband have different tastes .... something that I sometimes struggle with too here ;-) As soon as it's filled out a bit more you'll probably love it.

  6. I really like the flowers both in your art and your yard. Have a happy weekend

  7. So cool about Fuzz! Happy for joyful noises! We had a baby robin sitting on the step to the porch earlier this week. I was a bit worried but then two BIG robins showed up in the Oak above and had much to say to Baby! They were watching him. Love your flower picture AND your garden. I love brown or black mulch, it just really compliments a garden/bed. Our rose of sharons and crepe myrtle have been slow to recover from the winter cold. Enjoy your Sunday Carol, I think we are going to be stormy here! We need to dry out. We have had a ton of rain. I think we might be out of drought for now.

  8. Your flower garden sketch is beautiful Carol! I love a variety of colors in the garden too and always make sure to have lots of red to attract the few hummingbirds we get each summer. Love that first quote!