Friday, June 27, 2014

Paint Party Friday June 27 2014

It's been a weird and unproductive week for me ....lots of ideas floating around out there but no energy for follow through. I was chalking it up to the whole FYBRO thing and then decided to check my blood pressure  and it was only 104/49 . So decided to monitor it the rest of the day and evening and it stayed low. When getting up this morning it was only 89/50. I had this once before many years ago and they gave me effidrine for it. So needless to say I did not take my blood pressure medication this am and had a couple of cups of coffee and it came back up to 121/67. I will be calling the doctor on Monday..he doesn't work on Fridays any more. I already feel more energized this morning but will be taking it easy all week end.  Perhaps my healthier eating and more exercise has lowered my pressure and I don't need the medications any more... One less pill would be wonderful.
 So enough whining about my health issues and onto the real stuff....the ART. 
I started 2 projects this week and really hoped to get one finished for my sister this weekend....but that didn't happen. 
Here is a picture of us when we were around 14 and 11. I'm the older one. 

I wanted to do a collage out it with lots of embellishments and layers of colors. This is as far as I got... going for a Victorian kind of look. 
So it has a long way to go yet.
It was supposed to be her birthday present 
:(  I'll give her a nice hand painted card with the original picture in it and a message about how her gift is a WIP and started with that picture. She'll go nuts trying to figure out what I'm doing with it :) 
The second is a big painting on plywood. I get these pieces of scrap plywood free at work. They were used to ship flooring tiles ect. and they just throw them out when the unpack the tiles. 
This one had lots of flaws and chips and I was going to fill them with wood putty , when I decided to just go with the texture. 
So far it has two coats of clear gesso on it and then one coat of white gesso over most of it leaving some of the wood texture showing. I may paint over the wood later we'll see how it goes. 
I've also added some interesting texture with stencils and texture putty. 
Close ups of some of the added texture....

I have absolutely no idea where I am going with this....but the process has been very enjoyable.
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There are some truly creative people who share their work every week. 


  1. What you've done with the photo of you and your sister is marvelous and so very creative, Carol.

  2. Love the collage with your sister, and what you are doing on that big piece of plywood looks very intriguing, I am sure you will have fun with it. Take good care of yourself, and hope you soon feel better! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Hi Carol. Hope your bp gets to normality. Take care of yourself. I really am loving what you are doing with the pix of you and your sis. What a thoughtful gift. That plywood is going to be fun to work on. I'm sure whatever you do will be awesome. Take care.

  4. Beautiful collage and a wonderful keepsake. Looking forward to seeing how the plywood turns out. Hugs Annette x

  5. Hope you are feeling better today Carol. I was told by my doc too that I should monitor my BP and may have to cut to 1/2 BP pill. Eating habits and more exercise def. bring down the BP. Your collage for your sis is looking so beautiful already! Looking forward to see what you do with your plywood too:)

  6. Very cool with the texture on the board! Nice present for your sister Carol. Hope you have the BP thing figured out.

  7. Love your art and you are so cleaver. Please take care of yourself. That is pretty low PB.

  8. That'll be a beautiful present for your sister! Looking forward to what you'll be doiing with that piece of plywood. The texture sure makes it look interesting already .... Sorry to hear about your health worries. Hope everything'll be fine!

  9. I often start a piece without a clear idea of where I am going to end up. Even when I have an idea it often changes on the journey. Enjoy the process. I think your sister will love her gift whenever she gets it!

  10. Feel better what you are doing with that old photo...such an adorable photo of the two of you! I'm sure she'll love whatever you have in mind for it!!

    Hugs Giggles