Friday, June 6, 2014

Paint Party Friday June 6, 2014

It's FRIDAY!!!!! 
Thanks again Eva and Kristin for hosting this fun event and congrats to Tammie for being the feature artist of the week. Beautiful flowers and I admire your determination to paint every day :) 
It's been an absolute crazy week here.... everything is growing like crazy and I can't keep up , plus we have a new temporary resident at the house who demands lots of hands on attention all day long.
Meet "FUZZ"  :) 

He's a baby Robin that the dog found in the yard on Monday. 
Let me tell you that baby birds eats lots of food and very often. I can't imagine being a Moma bird and having to feed several babies at a time and having to go out and catch the food on top of it. Exhausting!!!! 
Fuzz is doing very well and has more than doubled in size since moving in on Monday. He goes to work with me and stays on an ice cream carton at the paint desk. He is already trying to fly and is so funny when I let him out to play in the bathroom at home. He has a very roomy tote that he lives in there. 
I think he has outgrown the coconut shell nest but he still sticks his head in there at night. 
So Fuzz is my art inspiration for this week. It's been a very long time since I tried to do a realistic bird drawing or painting but I think I did  a decent job of it. The little tuft of hair( feathers)  on his head is where I got his name from and it's pretty much gone now :( 

I finally got the Hummingbird feeder out and they are regular visitors to the deck now. I love watching them and trying to get good photos of them . 
 I even managed to get the fish pond cleaned out and the fountain running. Will put the fish back in it today...
Then I have to start harvesting the herb garden which is getting totally over grown with all of this rain.  
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  1. Wonderful post, and your Fuzz is adorable! Valerie

  2. Carol, your bird painting is wonderful. I don't think you'd even recognize any bird I tried to draw/paint!

  3. How nice that you are taking all that time to care for the baby robin-and what a good dog to just find him! My dog (sadly) would have killed and probably eaten it. She's and English cocker with strong hunting instincts. Love you bird painting. I too am enjoying the hummers at our feeder but have not been able to get a pic yet this year.

  4. Loving your great post and Fuzz is adorable. Annette x

  5. How wonderful you managed to save Fuzz, and what a sweet dog you have for not harming him. I love how Fuzz goes to work with you :-) You did a great job on the painting. He looks happy ....

  6. I love your bird page. I love that you rescued that baby bird too. Happy belated PPF and blessings!

  7. Aww baby bird Fuzz! You are doing a great job Carol. I love your drawing of Fuzz.. ♥