Thursday, February 6, 2014

29 Faces Feb 2014

Day 6
Me thinks she's still a work in progress... 

Had to go out yesterday and shovel the driveway and today I am paying for it... :( 
It doesn't help that the tempts have dropped to 4˚ and the windchill is -15˚ I am so DONE with winter this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay.... I'll stop whining :) 
Here's today's thought..

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  1. I love that quote by Bob Marley. Thanks for sharing that. I like your drawing and her hair is what is in style these day. Nice job.

  2. Love your new face but don't like -15 wind chill............ouch. Annette x

  3. Wonderful face, but that cold outside sounds awful! Valerie

  4. Holy cow. You have a BIG driveway, too. I have a small sidewalk and I was pooped when I finished shoveling it. Your temps are as bad as mine.

    Since my heat went out, my heat has been running constantly and can't keep up. Right now it's about 53 degrees in my house. Like you, I'm ready for spring.

    That's a super quote by Bob Marley. Keep forgetting to tell you how much I like your faces, too. Way to go, but sorry to read you had to return to work.

  5. Very cool design to this face. Love the big hair!

  6. Great face and 'wow' hair. If another winter like this one is predicted I am going to buy a grader blade for my 'green pony' (John Deere lawn tractor). There is no shoveling the 'drive' to my house.