Saturday, February 22, 2014

29 Faces in Feb 2014

Perhaps a tad bit of cheating here but Faces 21 and 22 are completed WIP's that I posted yesterday. They each have several more layers  so I'm listing them anyhow :) The goal here is to create every day and that's what I did. 
Face 21 
I tried to make her less serious but it didn't work. I guess she just has a lot on her mind. 

Face 22
I like the changes in this one... subtle changes but they make her more youthful  

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  1. Loving the changes Carol, beautiful work. Annette x

  2. They are beautifully done, and the changes are very positive! Valerie

  3. They are lovely Carol! Maybe Face 21 is thinking about the cold that is heading our way.. :)

  4. That's not cheating, you did a lot more work on them! Love the hair on the first one, she does look like she has a lot on her mind, of maybe she's just waiting for winter to be finally over ... ;-)

  5. Wonderful faces! And isn't it funny how they sometimes just HAVE their own personality and refuse to let you express anything different? I love that!

  6. Beautiful faces, Carol! Great shading! :)