Friday, February 21, 2014

Paint Party Friday and 29 Faces in Feb 2014 ...catch up

... an absolutely glorious and sunshine filled Friday ♥♥♥♥♥
My Spirit is restored .
Winter has really dragged on way to long for me this year and I find myself feeling down and grumpy and out of sorts all the way around. The past 3 days have done much to improve that mood....Thank you so much Mother Nature!
 This weeks art is an odd assortment of catch up with challenges that have fallen behind's hard to stay creative when you're all out of sorts :( 
So I have some completed works and some WIP works to share.
Day 16 in 29 Faces in Feb 2014
a 4x6 inch acrylic painting. 

Day 17 
A 5x7 inch acrylic and ink painting....

Day 18
A ACEO size pencil drawing...

Day 19
A WIP piece that was a pencil sketch for the Sept 2013 29 Faces challenge and I"m now painting it with acrylics. 

Day 20 
Another WIP that is  a new sketch that I"m trying to paint in acrylics... it doesn't seem to want to be painted so I keep putting it aside and work on something else for a bit and then come back to it for a little bit more. Hopefully it will get finished before this challenge is over :) 

I have a few lunch time doodles that I did get done this week too....
A couple of bookmarks....

...and an ACEO .

A couple of Thoughts for Today

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  1. Lots of beautiful work here Carol. Happy PPF, Annette x

  2. Hi Carol! I thought you had posted.. : ) I really really like Day 17 Gal! Love her dress and red flowers(poppies?)and red shoes. I love your doodles too. I do not know what an ACEO is. Enjoy the weekend!!

  3. Hi Carol. Love all you girls. Very nice work. Hope the weather keeps improving for you. Me, I'm a winter gal. :) Take care. Happy PPF!

  4. Great assortment of lovely faces! And fabulous doodles too!

  5. What wonderful variety you have in this week's work! I totally agree with you - it is SO hard to be creative when I am out of sorts! When all is right with the world - I am a creative funnel, when my cares are many - I just somehow want to shut down. I am learning to keep creating during the worry, and it has been so therapeutic for me. And, it certainly is time for spring! Happy PPF!

  6. have been busy. A nice mix of work...I do some Zentangle, too. We've had sunshine and 70 degrees but will get plunged back into the freezer next week (per the weather forecast).

  7. delightful assortment, Carol. All are beautiful works. I think #16 is my favorite of this batch.

  8. Lots of beautiful work, Carol, and I am glad that the weather is gettin better!

  9. a wonderful collection of goodies here carol. Yes, hooray for some sunshine! Finally we have a beautiful sunny day and it's supposed to get to 50 degrees F. Your portraits are beautiful and I love the quotes too!

  10. Good variety here Carol!! Such a joy to visit and that's one of my favorite quotes....forgetting who they told us to be!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Beautiful work! Love all your cute girls.

  12. Fabulous faces - I had other commitments so I couldn't participate - but I love creating faces. You are doing a wonderful job

  13. Lovely, lovely work Carol! Love the blue wrap on the girl, very whimsical design. As I try visiting everybody on PPF I am discovering the gals who are doing the face challenges are getting better and better in their work, really see a change and this includes you as well! Maybe I should have joined but I too like Alicia, am terrible for long term commitments …. in some areas : )
    Keep up the excellent work!

    Annabelle : )