Wednesday, February 5, 2014

29 Faces Fen 2014

Day 5 
Another pencil sketch in my art journal for today......'s another cold and snowy day here in Missouri. I am so ready for SPRING and warm sunshine with green grass and FLOWERS ♥
This is how I'm feeling most days now... I need sunshine to wake up my brain!

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  1. Loving your new lady with her fab hat Carol. Can definitely relate to Brain Loading please Annette x

  2. I love this gal and her hat. I don't think we are as deep under the snow here in Kentucky as you are but we do have snow and ice and my pine trees (20 years old now big) are snapping branches. Makes me very sad.

  3. Hooray, another hat! A hat is always a good choice!

  4. Golly, your table and chairs look a lot like mine. I'd love to have your deck, though. I know what you mean about the weather, too.

  5. Oh my, that IS a lot of snow! Can believe you're ready for spring ....