Friday, February 28, 2014

29 Faces in Feb 2014 and Paint Party Friday

It's FRIDAY!!!! 
Lots of photos this week folks so get ready :) 
Today is the last day of 29 Faces and I actually managed to get them all done.  So here are the last few faces  and then a recap of the whole month...:)

Day 23 
pencil sketch in art journal

Day 24 
another sketch...loving my pencil this month 


Day 25 
one more sketch ...

Day 26
...Look another sketch :) ...

Day 27
Surprise it's a mix of paints, ink sprays and colored pencils :) 

Day 28 
another mixed medium 

Day 29 
Finally a painting.... actually just a small part of a bigger painting that I'm working on as a gift :) 

And  one lonely little doodle this week
another book mark 

The whole month of faces in recap...

It's been a busy month and I've had a lot of fun and once again learned a whole lot. I also met a new group of very talented and friendly people and that is always the best part of these :) 
So now to catch up on the classes and other challenges I've fallen behind in.

So for today's  thought  I'm going for humor this time...cause it was one of those days at work that are harder to get through than you really want.

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  1. Good Morning Carol! First day of March.. :) Oh how I remember retail. I bet it was crazy at work with the storm coming in. Hoping you get to stay home this weekend. Loving the colorful gals, especially the first one with the heart shaped face. The sketches are all very different and one looks very much like Cher. The doodle book mark is intricate and lovely!

  2. Congrats on completing the challenge Carol! Love your sketches-especially the man looking over his shoulder-just fabulous! Fun humorous ending to your post :)

  3. Great to see all your faces here Carol, like you this challenge has taken up all my free time. Happy PPF, Annette x

  4. Carol, I love the diversity. Your beautiful ladies have such wonderful shading. You really know how to get depth in the faces.

  5. Wow - such a variety of faces - terrific work and congrats on finishing (better than I have ever done!!! LOL)

  6. love everything you have made, and I love that quote, too. I drink coffee instead of green tea, and there are so many I would like to smack! Well done on finishing the month, you are a star! Hugs, Valerie

  7. Congratulations on finishing the challenge Carol! Love the man with the hat.
    : ) quote.
    Annabelle : )

  8. Wonderful collection of faces Carol! You did great, congrats on finishing the challenge! Love your face nr 25. So much expression and character ...

  9. Now that is something I would NEVER be able to accomplish. Give me glue and scissors and I'll create a collage a day, but give me the challenge to draw a face, and it would take me a month just to get up the courage to draw the first oval. You did GREAT, and should be quite proud of yourself. Way to go, dear.

  10. I like that woman with the flying hair best! ;-)

  11. Lots of great faces you did for the challenge. Hope you will be back for the next one. I'm planning on it.

  12. Utterly awesomeness x 29 - love them & pleased to finally visit (I'm running late but still checking faces LOL) Have a great weekend :)

  13. Congrats, Carol, on being selected as feature artist on PPF.

  14. Great I job on your faces! Love the quote too!