Monday, November 3, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop and T Stands for Tuesday

Surprise Elizabeth!!! 
I remembered :) 

A few weeks  back a  blog friend of mine asked if I would do the Around the World Blog Hop... I told her I would but that she would have to remind me on the day I was supposed to write or I'd forget. Good thing I told her.... cause you guessed it... I FORGOT. :( 
So first off we'll start with a little bit of background on me.... 
I was born and grew up in central Illinois. 
... wasn't I just the cutest little thing ? :) 
That was in I'm old :) a teenager I had lots of attitude and spent a lot of time  grounded because of it... 
all of that time stuck at home in my room  gave me the opportunity to draw and do fiber arts. Someone teased me once about trying to be an artist being the self conscious girl that I was I gave it up... 

.....for years. I spent my free time then doing fiber arts and making myself clothes to wear to school. My parents wouldn't spend much money on school clothes once I stopped outgrowing everything every year. I learned real fast though that they would pretty much buy me all the fabric I wanted :) 
My art didn't return until I was adult and my kids were grown. 
I started out making Native American Jewelry and Dream Catchers. Sold them through a shop a friend owned. Then I decided to try painting tee shirts and a whole new world opened for me.  
I couldn't stop drawing and painting. the questions.....

       How does my work differ from others?

I'm not so sure that it does... I don't think I've really developed a style of my own yet. I take on line classes and visit other art blogs and get my inspiration from those artist. I'm feeling that my style is developing more towards the whimsical...but not completely sure on that yet. :)  I doodle a WHOLE LOT!

Why do I create what I do....

Being creative is an intricate part of who I am. If I go too long without being creative in some form I get very edgy and depressed. I'm not a happy person or a pleasant one. I have to be creative in order to be complete! 

How does my creative process work?

Sometimes I'll  see something or hear something that will just inspire me to create. ... and then again I'll just sometimes have an idea just pop into my head from out of no where  and I'll try to create that image or thought. It's kind of like my style... I don't really have a set process . 

What Am I Working ON ? 

Right now I am doing Mandalas . A new experience for me. I've always loved them but never tried doing one. I saw a challenge on Facebook and decided to give them a try. We'll see how this goes. 

A random sampling of my art....

First some fiber art.... 
hand dyed wool and scarves crocheted with it...

Last year I crocheted 100 hats and donated them to 3 local charities... I won't be crocheting that many hats in one year again! :) Talk about hard on the old hands!!!



So that's me in a nut shell :) 
For T Stands for Tuesday here is my beverage shot...

Thanks Kathy for inviting me to join this HOP ♥
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  1. Hello and Happy T Day! I love reading about your growing up and finding your way in art. These are all beautiful and great pieces you've created. So glad you didn't give it up for good, keep creating and sharing.
    Have a great day!

  2. I'm so glad you are exercising the creative part of you!

  3. Happy T day :)
    Your art is wonderful, love your pages!

  4. I enjoyes to read about you and your way into art - you are a very creative person and you know I love your pieces all!
    Happy T-Day as well!
    Looking forward to see you at Art Journal Journey soon again this month ...
    would be great!

  5. Wow, A ton of beautiful work! Glad you came back to art!

  6. Wonderful post, so good to learn more about you and see so much of your work! Really GREAT!! Hugs, Valerie

  7. Seeing your as a young woman and baby was fun, as are all those fiber arts you create. I remember the hats, and so admired you.

    Your wonderful paintings and doodles always make me smile. You do such a wonderful job.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pieces (and your young self) with us for T this Tuesday, dear friend.

  8. I love old photos. Thx for sharing yours :)

  9. Loved your post and learned more about you-hugs-love your art

  10. what a fascinating post and how nice to get to know you in this way. thanks for all your wonderful comments to me. you always help me to see things in ways I could NOT were you NOT so generous about sharing your thoughts with me. carry on!!! your work is utterly splendiferous!!

  11. so happy to get to know more about you Carol. What a fabulous array of artistic talent and projects! Thanks for generously sharing, and happy T day!

  12. LOVE your post Carol! I would say that being born in the same time period ( I have 2 years on you, by the way) gives us parallel life styles. I did a LOT of sewing as a teenager for the same reasons....LOL Spent a LOT of time in my room (for various reasons) too.....grin

    Your art is fantastic, I do see it on FB from time to time and try to leave you a comment. I can do a basic crochet, but don't!...LOL

    Happy T-day

  13. So nice to get to know you a little better Carol.
    You did a very fine job on this post sharing your passion and talents!
    I so agree but 'needing' to make things or I feel out of kilter and grumpy.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day!

  14. HI Carol!

    Loved reading all about you! :) And REALLY loved seeing all your art! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  15. Really lovely drawings and paintings!! So many of us put our art 'on the back burner' because art just didn't seem to be valued, and wasn't Practical! (me too) thank goodness for sewing! generations of women have expressed their love of beauty through textiles, so you are in good company, and followed a tradition. So glad you are back to drawing and painting as well as textiles...happy T Day!

  16. So good to find out more about you and to see your fabulous art work! Happy T Day! Chris

  17. It's so awful that we can be so inhibited by another's off the cuff comment...teen years are so fragile in terms of self respect and confidence. That said, are verry accomplished, I love your art.

  18. Happy T Day - How lovely to learn a little about you. I'm so glad you are being your creative self :o))

  19. Great old pictures! I'm old, too--LOL! This was fun to learn more about you and your art. Happy T-Day!! :)

  20. Happy to see you on T Tuesday. It was so interesting to learn a bit about you and the art you create.