Monday, November 10, 2014

T Stands for Tuesday

It's time for Tea and
T Stands for Tuesday ! 
First off I'd like to thank Elizabeth for giving me a Heads Up on her blog this week. Since she posted on making teabags and was kind enough to mention me I thought I'd write about my teas again. 
I make a lot of herbal tea blends and herbal tinctures using herbs I grow in my garden and a few I buy at farmers market or on line. 
I've been getting my bags from 
and they look like this. 
 After filling the bags with the herb mixture you seal with heat....iron it. I used to use a small craft size iron I've hard for years. I however dropped it and it no longer works. I'm not in the mood to buy a new one or drag out my real clothing iron so I usually just heat a butter knife on my electric stove  burner ( very carefully and not real hot) and seal it that way. 
I did just recently realize that  does carry the bags too and they are less expensive there. So that is where my next order will come from :) 
I'm way behind on processing my herbs this year..

This is what's in the basement in various stages of drying on a screen door.

This is the Chocolate Mint I gathered last week. One tray is completely dry and the other two are almost there.

This is the sage I gathered today and still needs to be stripped from the stems put into the dehydrators and dried. 
I finally got all of the Thyme for the year dried and bottled. :) 
With the perfect growing weather this summer and the extremely warm and late long running fall I have about 3 times what I usually get in a growing season. 

This is my tea for the night. It's Sage and Thyme tea with raw honey and a dash of Cheyenne Pepper. Great for colds or in my case allergies. 
The art in the picture is an on going piece that I need to get off my desk so I stop changing it :) 
She started out like this...

...Then went to this...

....then to this.... 

...wishing I had left the splatters on at this point ...but too late they are gone :( ...

Here she is today.....

I have the white flowers going onto the sides of the painting too and some of the scribbles... but she's about to become too busy so she has to leave the desk ♥

Today's Random Thoughts

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T  Stands for Tuesday


  1. Oh Carol, it never occurred to me to dry my herbs on a screen in the basement. I dry my herbs in brown paper bags. But I don't have the massive amounts you have, simply because I grow mine in pots.

    Your tea pot looks lovely. I really like that design. and the tea sounds good, too, although I'm not big on sage. I mostly use it to make sage smudge wands. I have friends who like to burn sage in their homes, so I make the wands for them.

    Your gal is lovely, but I was surprised you got rid of the splotch. However, she turned out great.

    Thanks for sharing your teabag and herb info, as well as your art with us for T this week.

  2. Oh wow.. this looks so wonderful... I love sage and thymian tea and I just simple buy it ..shame on me...
    What a herbal paradise!
    Thank you for sharing and thank you for showing this amazing canvas !
    Looks gorgeous with the fabric flowers!
    Happy T-Day!

  3. Very interesting to learn about your teas, they must taste good. And I love your painting! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Wow, the herbs are almost a full time job! Fascinating post Carol, I'm not a fan of tea, but am always a 'try it' person..presumably they are very fragrant heavy. How fab for your tubes!

  5. Oh, didn't say how much I like the canvas..with or without the splatters. Funny, there are often projects that I simply do not know when to stop, an art teacher once told me to cover the middle with a piece of paper, if there was work to do on the edges, do it. If then, with the paper on, it felt more complete, leave it alone...apparently it's always the middle that gets overworked. I'm unable to disprove this theory!

  6. What a wonderful lots of herbal teas your make. It's great to see just how you make them.
    Annie x

  7. I love the canvas (and I loved the splats too) and know the feeling well of when is enough actually enough?
    Love all your herbs, how do you manage to dry them all without them going fousty? Annette

  8. Hello and Happy T Day! How wonderful your homemade teas sound and all those herbs must be so nice to have. I love your girl with and without the splatters! Thanks for sharing today and have a great week.

  9. Love all your herb info. I can almost smell them drying. I used to grow a lot, but... well maybe I just will get back to it. I also liked the paint splotches on your piece, but I also liked the cutout lace flowers!

  10. That tea you just had sounds wonderful carol! That is really loving work you put into your process of using all your herbs for teas and such. But there is nothing like fresh. Beautiful canvas too! I think I'd keep it on the desk and continue to see what gets added and covered:) Happy T day!

  11. You have lots of herbs! MY herbs always start out lovely and then end up awful. I need to find a new place to grow them since they obviously hate it where I plant them. :)
    Happy T Day!

  12. Your house must smell divine...
    fresh herbs (and dried too) are such a delight
    and your tea sounds extra special too.
    Lovely canvas you're creating...
    funny how sometimes our artwork keeps talking to us ;-)
    Happy T Day Carol

  13. gorgeous painting dear, and love all the herbs too! fascinating to hear about all the types of herbs, and wondering if I should try that sage tea for my allergies! happy T day!

  14. I really like your teapot and cup :) Your lady looks like good company. I think I might have to leave her on my desk ;)

  15. Wow! Carol you have got so much of these wonderful herbs. Your painting looks wonderful.
    Happy T day

  16. I learned a lot today. Never knew they even sold empty tea bags. Wow!
    Happy T- Day! :)