Sunday, November 9, 2014

Art Journal Journey

For today's art I have chosen to do a Matisse inspired page. Actually it really chose me. As I set with my journal.... sort of watching TV. I was thinking of the dental work that I need to have done.... sooner rather than later... and the cost involved. How I wish the "Tooth Fairy" still visited and would leave a large amount of cash to pay for all this work. 
I had already decided to do something inspired by Matisse and so the 
appeared in my journal .

 If only she would appear at my home ♥

This week I harvested what I think will be the last of the Chocolate Mint for the year :) 
Will be bagging it up into teabags as soon as it's dried out. A hot cup of Chocolate Mint Tea on a cold winter day is soooo good ♥  I am amazed at the herbs and flowers still blooming in my garden this late in the season and after several frosts and a couple of hard freezes. The mints will be the only thing I harvest this late... since they are so aggressive and I don't mind if I kill off a few of the plants by harvesting so late. 
Today's random thoughts...

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  1. Love your tooth fairy Carol! I wish she would come visit me too.. I have two crowns that need to be done.. :(

  2. Love your Matisse inspired tooth fairy, and I sure wish one would visit me, too! Thanks for this wonderful contribution to Art Journal Journey. Hugs Valerie

  3. I wish for you that the tooth fairy will visit you soon with lots of money --and I wish to take a cup of this delicious tea now for breakfast ...
    A wonderful Matisse inspired artwork Carol! Love it and love those wonderful quotes as well. Happy new week- thank you for this lovely post for the AJJ Challenge! Take care!

  4. Ah! I could do with a tooth fairy, too. I love your interpretation.