Friday, November 7, 2014

Paint Party Friday and Art Journals Journey

It's FRIDAY once again!!!♥♥♥♥♥
Thanks again to Eva and Kristin for doing this every week!!!! Even if I don't show up every week I do appreciate the chance. 
I was reluctant to share some of today's art. I don't like how it turned out and plan on redoing it but just don't have time for it today. Since it was the only thing I painted this week and I really wanted to post  I'm making myself share a BAD painting. 
At Art Journals Journey the theme this month is "Inspired by the Masters" so I desperately tried to do one of Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings. I paint sunflowers all of the time and do a great job of it.... but not this week :( I think I was over  thinking the getting it as close to the original stuff that I just blew it. The smaller one is much better because I pretty much gave up duplicating and just painted. 
So here is the original by 
Van Gogh...

....then here is my mess....

I considered just tearing the page out of my journal but I like the drawing on the back side so I'll just have to fix it later :) 
I did do a few Mandala's that I really like this week .

Just to reassure myself and anyone who doubts...LOL!... Here is a Sunflower I painted for my daughter for her birthday...
It's on a little trinket box that I used to hold some of the other gifts I had for her. 
So here are some random thoughts for today..

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  1. I like your Van Gogh Sunflower interpretation a lot Carol- thank you for sharing! And the little trinket box sunflower is amazing too as well as the mandalas..
    Have a happy weekend Carol!
    Thank you for joining Art Journal Journey!


  2. Wow, your sunflower is a real Van Gogh-Art, especially the blue waves around show his special style! I love your painting!

  3. Love our sunflower, it has character!Hugs, Valerie

  4. I like the sunflowers that you don't like, Carol. The color combination is wonderful. All sunflowers are not perfect in real life or in art.

  5. Here's the thing. I can't draw. I can't draw a SNOWMAN, which is three circles. So, if I could not just draw, but paint a sunflower or two as lovely as yours, I'd be over the moon with joy. You know we are our own worst critics, right? Well, please accept that you are a great artist, and raise your head up high. Happy weekend, dear friend.

  6. I like your sunflower.. I think it has a little face! Your Mandala's are cool. Good Morning Carol!

  7. Ooh those are very sage quotes, one I've never heard before!! The mandalas are beautiful and your sunflower is fine! Thought it was going to be much worse the way you described it!! Love the one you made for your daughter!! Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Don't be so hard on yourself! It's really not the easiest thing to paint, and I think you did fine, and I certainly like how you did the background. And your manadala's are exquisite .... Love the quotes too!

  9. Love your sunflowers and the little trinket box is great bet your daughter loves it.