Friday, November 14, 2014


The day of the week we all get to share  and enjoy wondrous art ♥♥♥♥
It's been a low energy week here....over worked last weekend so paid for it the first part of the week and just been taking it slow and easy the rest of the week . 
I got a couple of Mandala's done this week...

I used markers of various type on this and really like it. The down side is that I have serious bleed through on the back side. ..

I knew this would happen so I was careful to use a page that didn't have anything on the back side yet. A quick coat of white gesso will fix the page so that it is usable and no art was sacrificed :) 
For Art Journal Journey this month we have "Inspired by the Masters" as our challenge. I chose Monet for this page. 

I used water soluble oil pastels and gesso to create this page. The original below was done in oils..

I really enjoyed creating  this page. Monet has always been one of my favorites and I was blessed with the opportunity to see his work several years ago at the St. Louis Art Museum. My daughter was very young ...around 5 years or maybe younger at the time... I can remember her looking at one of the large Hay Stack paintings and her saying she wants to paint like that.  She did grow up to be an artist so the trip was worth while in many respects. 
Monet still remains one her most favorite artist. 
Today's Random Thoughts...

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  1. Hi Carol! Not good that you overworked yourself at the weekend, huh? Hope you are feeling better now! Love your mandala, and the Monet inspired work is FANTASTIC! Hugs to you, and take care of yourself, Sweetie! Valerie

  2. Wonderful mandala Carol and the Monet inspired page is awesome as well as your oil painting - wow... Hope you feel better Carol!
    Thank you so much for another amazing contribution for our Art Journal Journey fun of this month!
    Happy PPF!

  3. Your mandala is beautiful, so delicate, and I love your Monet-inspired painting! The last quote is one of my favorites. Something we all need to remember ....

  4. Your mandala is beautiful, it makes me to will do something like that. Your Monet is great and the story of your daughter too.

  5. Monet also belongs to my favourite Impressionists.
    Your landscape succeeded marvelously, completely in the style of the master. Ulrike

  6. Love the painting, Carol. You caught the spirit of the painting and the colors are right on target. Also, the mandala is lovely. Some pens do penetrate the papers. Either gesso or incorporate the design into something else.

  7. Wonderful painting Carol...and I love those quotes too!! You must have inspired your daughter by taking her to the art museum!! I am like you if I do too much one week I pay the next!! Take care!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. So enjoying your Mandala's Carol! Love the painting and the happy flowers!
    Good Morning!

  9. All of your art is so beautiful. Love the mandalas