Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art Every Day Month----Day 22

Working retail the week of Thanksgiving doesn't give very much time or energy for creativity. Luck for me the Tint Gods were smiling today and I was able to click a few great pics of the tint splatters. 

Every year I am amazed at the number of people who are at the paint desk ordering paint for their dining rooms and family rooms 2 days before Thanksgiving. Like didn't you realize last month that the walls look cruddy or the walls don't match the new furniture or what ever other crazy notion drives you to the paint desk in a frenzy....wanting that 1 coat coverage it a far out designer color....

...but that's ok ....cause I get all of these fantastic tint photos to use and share with my friends...
So keep right on painting and Have a great Thanksgiving!!!
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  1. beautiful splatters, amazing, frame worthy for sure. The stores are crazy for sure, enjoy your feast to celebrate all you are thankful for, best wishes from Canada

  2. Some people are crazy - let's face it! But the photos you have made are great! Valerie

  3. Same thing happened today at the nursery, folks fixing their flowerbeds today. Company is coming, got to fix it quick.

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Carol.

  4. Same goes for curtains (our trade). :D Cool photographs.