Thursday, November 24, 2011

Art Every Day Month----Day 24

Another of those WIP  pieces I unearthed when I cleaned the studio. This one started life as a goddess but her face kept looking mean and demonic. So I threw her aside for a while. Last night I decided to work on her again and instead of trying to redefine her face I just made the whole piece fuzzy and unfocused. Now's she's just ghostly and not demonic . She's kinda growing on me now so I may just let her stay out with the other folks here. 
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  1. I think it's always good to keep pieces, even if you don't like to do this in a few years, or simply in an exercise to get over our critics lol great piece thanks for sharing

  2. Looks good. Even goddesses have days when they look mean, but you have found a good solution! Valerie

  3. I think the word you should use is 'dreamy'. She is lovely the way she is and do we really know what goddesses look lke anyway? If you leave her in this gorgeous dreamy state, then we can put onto her the faces of our imagined goddesses:)