Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Everyday Month---Day 7

Meet my granddaughter Emma! She's a very bright girl and just received a 
"Radical Reader"  
award at school.
She takes after her grandma :) 

So of course I had to make a special card for her. I'll be the first to admit that I don't do realistic faces well at all. But I keep on trying and eventually I'll get them right or at least closer.

So I started the card with this little drawing of her with colored pencils. I think it looks like an older version of her...but at least it looks like her :) 

....and here is the completed card. The red and blue are done in glitter paint....cause she loves glitter. But it didn't photograph well. 
Now I have to pop it into an envelope and run it up to the post office. :) 

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  1. I bet she will love this!! Kids love anything personal. Very cute!

  2. I am sure that card will be treasured for ever! Valerie

  3. Congratulations! I see the resemblance and love the glittery paints.

  4. beautiful emma, lovely card,, I have had to start a new blog, mine was attacked and I lost everything, I even lost my blog list and i knew I followed you,, I hope you will find me at my new blog,,

  5. Congratulations, Emma!

    I can see the resemblance, Carol, and I'm sure that Emma will love your card.

    Happy AEDM,

    Serena :)

  6. Great card, I sure she will love it, x

  7. What a lucky girl to receive a card dedicated to her in such a beautiful way!
    She does look a little older, but young girls always want to look a bit older than they are.
    Gwen xx

  8. What a beautiful card created by her grandmother! A treasure!!

  9. Beautiful granddaughter you have, she's sure to love your card!

  10. What a beautiful granddaughter and how wonderful that she is also a very good reader! Granddaughters are so special. Our only grandchild is a young woman now. Your painting/drawing certainly has her resemblance. I agree that it is older than she is at this time. Faye

  11. Lovely! How lucky you both are. Your drawing is beautiful!