Sunday, November 6, 2011

Art Every Day Month----Day 6

Another Phone Book page Face

I have a huge stack of these faces that I started and haven't gotten around to finishing so now is the perfect time to get them done. 
It's anther mixed media using oil pastels, acrylics, hard pastels inks. Oh and we mustn't forget the start of it all the phone book page. It's done on 3" X 12" watercolor paper. 
I'm running out of space in my studio to put all of these new paintings so I'm thinking of opening a Etsy shop...anyone have feedback on it worth the effort etc. ?
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  1. oh, how the bright, bold colors! Popping!

  2. I have registered an Etsy shop but haven't got round to stocking it yet - sorry! Love your faces again! Hugs, Valerie

  3. She is a lady with an opinion and has something she wants to's just on the tip of her tongue...fascinating!
    Good use of the phone book.

  4. Oh this is so cool. Love the colours!!

  5. Really fun face!

    I recently opened an Etsy shop and it has been slow going, but overall worth the effort, I think. At the very least it has brought new eyeballs to my artwork (and one painting sale so far). I think Etsy's one of those things that you might as well try out to see if it works for you; worst case scenario, you just close up shop in a couple months if it doesn't work out.

  6. I commend you on your tenacity in filling that studio up with "new faces"! I have an Etsy shop which I am really bad at updating (I recently added a bunch of new paintings finally) which can be embarrassing if it's attached to your website (which mine is…lol) But at least it's there and though I've only had 2 sales, I keep thinking that it looks good on my website to have the shop there. That plus the fact that it's dirt cheap to maintain!