Saturday, February 11, 2012

29 Faces and Paint Party Friday #48

Time is rapidly slipping away from me.... I was off work the first part of the week and it was easy to keep up. Now it's back to reality and is eating my time :0( 
I finished the face for yesterday before going into work but it was too wet to scan and when I got home last night I was too pooped to write :0) 
So here is yesterdays face and Paint Party Friday entry followed by todays face.
Sounds kind of weird when you say it that way :0) 

Fridays is a 9 x 12 inch mixed media done on watercolor paper. Just a fun face done with my non-dominant had. 

 The second one is and acrylic painting done on a hardback book cover. It's approximately 4 1/2 inches by 5. NOT so pleased with this one...just may have to rework parts of it :0)
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  1. Both are great character studies! Valerie

  2. Sorry I'm just now getting by- between PPF and 29 Faces plus weekend stuff I am SO far behind! I like your new faces, that exercise of drawing with the non dominant hand is a GREAT one, I should do one! And I hope you'll continue to work on your book cover painting, 'cause I Love the direction it's taking- the overall color choices and hair are FAB!

  3. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything & guess what, we don't & can't do it all (at least I can't you should see my messy house LOL) love your faces & you are doing so well that first one makes me smile - too cute :)

  4. It is so much fun to see what one can do with the non dominate hand. You did very well. Both faces are wonderful.

  5. Recently a friend of mine broke her right hand and so a group of us created art with our non-dominant hands. THAT was an experience! LOL.
    You did great!!!
    Happy PPF!
    Sheri Cook
    Happy Horse Studio

  6. Love them both.The first one is very cute and adorable.I have never tried using my non dominant hand but I don't think I would get very far. Great work.

  7. Carol, you are so creative. I can't imagine doing a painting with my left hand although I can write fairly well with it. I love the second painting. It is beautiful.