Thursday, February 9, 2012

29 Faces Day 9 and ButterflyEeffect

29 Faces 
Done on Bristol paper with Prisma Colored Pencils and Prisma Markers. 
I'm actually combining three challenges with this one. 
29 Faces in February...Butterfly Effect-Favorite Things and  a group  of friends creating an art mobile for a new baby. 
Sunflowers are my favorite flower and the face is a quick drawing that is suppose to be my daughter....who just happens to be one of my favorite people :0) 
And now for the questions....

  1. What is your favorite flower to bring to your enemy’s grave? 
  1. Sunflowers of course :

    1. What is your favorite bird to dress up as if you were in a parade?
  2. I'd be a Scarlet MaCaw
  3. What is your favorite pet quality you’d like to own?
  4. The ability my dog has to fall asleep in an instant!

  5. Which one of your favorite celebrities would you marry if you could?
  6. Eric Clapton!!!!...he's old , I'm old...we could get older together :0) and listen to is music . 
  7. What is your favorite food to order when your in-laws are paying for the meal?

  9. What is your favorite drink to accidentally spill on a person you like?
  10. I wouldn't want to  spill anything on them 
  11. What is your favorite destination to vacation and/or live if you won a million dollars?
  12. On a warm beach :0) 
  13. What is your favorite color to wear to your best friend’s wedding? 
  14. Black
  15. What is your favorite book or/and book character you’d take with you on a lonely island?
  16. If I took someone it wouldn't be lonely :0) 
  17. What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?
  18. Bobby McGee
  19. Janis Style!!!
  20. Well some how the numbers got all screwed up and I'm to tired to fix it....
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29 Faces !! 




  1. Lol! That was fun to read, Carol. :) I love Bobby mcGee! Great sunflower, too. :)

  2. Loving your faces & this is such an interesting & fun post - I haven't done mine yet - stay tuned I hope I get to it LOL!

  3. So lovely Carol... sweet little face and loved reading your post...

    Jenny x

  4. What a cool idea to paint your face in the center of a sunflower!!! I love that!

  5. Sunflowers are gorgeous and this is no exception! I know that feeling when you're too tired to fix some blogger niggle!! It's OK, we all knew what was happening!!

  6. I LOVE sunflowers and how beautiful to use this one as a frame for your face drawing- beautiful!

  7. Cute, and great color!=)I've been having an urge to do a flower face, too. Kathryn

  8. sunflowers thats my favorite too

  9. Fun, Carol! I agree, sunflowers make everything so cheery!
    I laughed at your reasoning behind Eric Clapton....haha! Has nothing to do with him being a looker...hmmmm ;P

  10. "My future is so bright, I have to wear shades."

  11. Fun face! Janis would be great in the shower!

    Loved reading your answers.