Sunday, February 26, 2012

29 Faces

29 Faces in February
Face 26 

Another Mixed Media note card
I started with a blank card and a face torn out of a magazine. I rubbed away most of the face with citra solve leaving just a faint outline . Then I drew the face back in and painted it with acrylics. I  wasn't happy with how the face came out so I collaged a piece of printed tissue paper over it.  The musical notes on the tissue paper  gave it a softer look. I had smudged the top section of the card while gluing :0( .This card seems to be becoming a comedy of errors it seems. So I drug out some dried flowers from my garden and glued them down along with some collected feathers and an old bottle cap I found years ago. 
So you might say the card fixed itself by becoming either a get well card or just a thinking of you "Cheer up" card.
The scan is not very good because the bottle cap prevents a good level scan. I may try a photo later and I get a good one I'll add it. 
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