Saturday, February 18, 2012

29 Faces

29 Faces in February 
Here are faces 17 and 18 ! 
Still enjoying this challenge and building up my stock of note cards while I'm at it :0) 
These are done on 5"x7" watercolor paper I have cut for blank note cards.
I'm not sure if I really am completely finished with this first one. I may add more details to the background :0) 
This one is done is black gel pen.
The second one is done using Prisma colored pencils and Prisma markers. Just may add more to her background too. All depends on hoe well I keep up with the challenge. Time is a big factor right now. Work has gotten crazier and I'm having trouble keeping up and visiting all of the participating blogs. I will get there though!!! 


  1. WOW!! The first one is my fave!!! What a unique idea!!!

  2. Love your faces, the first one is my fave! Valerie