Friday, February 24, 2012

29 Faces in February

29 Faces Day 24
Meet "Sunshine" 
How could you not love that face? 

I've loved this photo every since I saw it posted on a friends blog. 
A friend I've never met in person and only know from her passionate blog about her small farm in Missouri and her wonderful family. A friend who was always there with a supportive comment when I needed one.
So when I decided to participate in this challenge I knew that "Sunshine" would be one of my faces. 
The drawing is done on a 5x7 inch watercolor note card with Prisma colored pencils.  The original is in the mail to that small farm in Missouri.


  1. I love it Carol!!! You know I love my Sunshine.. Thank you for the kind words...

  2. Lovely painting again! Here's wishing you sun shine every day! Hugs, Valerie

  3. I love sunshine, he is so cute! Great work!