Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Art Every Day Month ---- Day # 13

Tuesdays are my favorite TV watching nights :) 
Unfortunately it's also my husbands and it's not the same shows. So we set our favorites to record and alternate watching . While his shows are on I am usually at my art desk but this week I brought my journal out to the living room and doodled through his shows. I can actually half watch his Tuesday shows with interest... unlike his favorite show "Walking Dead" which almost always drives me out of the room with in a very few minutes. Not a fan of gore at all! 
So here is  my "Moon-Shiners"   doodle ...

....can you get a contact high from watching a TV show on alcohol production in the wild? :) 
It was hard to chose a thought for today.... so many wanted to be shared... so I'm giving you 3  ♥

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  1. I love this doodle! At first look, I thought it was embossed metal! I love leaves and the central leaf really appeals to me

  2. Wow zen doodle is fantastic ~ and love your creative quotes ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  3. The doodle made my hand hurt, but loved the end result you got. Had to laugh about the TV show. Never saw the show, so I'll leave that to others to decide. Of course, I DID love the quotes for today.

  4. Wow Carol, beautiful doodle! And I love your quotes, all three of them!

  5. I thought it was metal/filigree! Very pretty.. :)
    What is it with guys and gore? And needing TV on every minute of the day and evening?
    dear destiny... LOVE!
    Brrrrr again this morning.