Friday, November 1, 2013

Art Every Day Month

I think I've lost my Marbles!!!
I've decided to join the people here and for the month of November do something creative every single day. 
So somehow I have to get all of my Christmas projects done...the charity hats finished and try to get some art thrown in there too.


So for todays work I started a brand new journal and created the cover for it. 
For those who already know me you know that I went through a very long dry spell of creativity and didn't come out of it until I joined the 29 Faces in September Challenge. 
I did it and I loved it. I continued working in October and didn't want to lose that  newly awakening drive. So that is the main reason I joined this challenge.

Ya gotta have fun when you do something important :) 
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  1. OOPS. I left a message on the wrong post. Color me embarrassed and slightly red in the face.

  2. Good for you ~ up for another challenge! I extend to you my best wishes and look forward to seeing your expressions!

  3. Good Good GOOD! I am happy!! Another thing to be thankful for this November! I will be checking in.. :)
    Good Morning!