Sunday, November 3, 2013

Art Every Day Month---- Day 3

I had to laugh when I finished this piece. I was sketching away while watching TV and not really paying a whole lot of attention to what the drawing was looking like. Till the very end when I held it up and looked at it ....
OH MY :) 
ET's MOM!!!

Perhaps I should pay more attention to where the drawing is going :) 
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  1. Haha....I was thinking what every you were watching must have been scary or a mystery that has her on the edge of her seat....she looks a bit frightened!! Good job!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. LOL ohmigawsh. You are hilarious. And I love how even though you think she looks like ETs mother, you posted it, anyway.

  3. Yes, I sort of wonder what you were watching as well, lol. Love the frida kahlo quote

  4. Oh, gosh ~ I love it! And "ET's mom" cracked me up!

  5. Haha, love her! So nice to know ET had a mom ... ;-) Wonderful hair too!

  6. Funny Carol! What WERE you watching?!! I love the leaf like hair or hat. I can identify with your quote.. :) Good Morning!