Monday, November 18, 2013

Art Every Day Month --- Day 18

Day # 18 
The month is zipping by already :) 
Today I woke up with a horrible sinus migraine...called off work...took lots of drugs and went back to bed. Woke up feeling jet lagged and out of sorts but headache was pretty much gone. 
I had already sprayed the background of these pages and pretty much knew I wanted to use a bird stencil I had....but was drawing a blank on everything else. Decided to just go ahead and start stenciling and see what happened. As I painted the  song 
"Dream a Little Dream of Me"  started going through my head. So I flipped over to Youtube and played the Mama Cass  version of the song....over and over. Then I knew what I wanted to do. 
I penciled in the basic face with a 'Conto' white pastel pencil....

Then painted her.... still felt it wasn't finished yet so I added highlights to her hair and put lined her flower hairpiece with gel pens .
I may go back and out line the birds with gel pens too....still thinking on that one.

Thoughts for the day...

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  1. I knew I'd be late getting here, but this is ridiculous. Sorry. I love that bird stencil. You did a fabulous job on the face and flowers, too.

    Sorry to read that you had a migraine. I understand those can be devastating and sometimes last for days. Glad yours was over by the afternoon. Feel better soon, dear.

  2. These are gorgeous pages. Love how the text goes with the images of the birds and the girl. And a great job with the gelpens too! And that second quote, omg, that little chick is soo cute .... Love the saying too!

  3. Love the pages! The colors, the birds, the words from the song. Sorry you had a migraine. That is not a fun day off from work!

  4. Hope you feel better soon :) The birds look wonderful overtop the colorful page backgrounds!

  5. I've missed you. I hope you haven't had a migraine relapse.