Monday, November 4, 2013

Art Everyday Month Day # 4

Another quick, mostly finished sketch for today. Spent most of my day outside doing last minute yard and garden clean up and bulb planting. ♥
I thought I would try another male face....I really must have a thing against men cause they rarely ever turn out well. :) 

Todays Quote 

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  1. Good to meet you and visit your blog, Carol. I appreciated your comment over on mine and hope you are enjoying AEDM. Keep up the good work with the sketching, and thanks for sharing such a great quote too!

  2. As usual, I am in awe of your sketch. I really enjoyed the poem, too. It is SO true! Sorry I seem to run late each day, but at least I'm here, now.

  3. Good thing you worked in the yard! I am hoping you are getting th rain we are getting. That quote works for me but I have to remind myself that I am blessed. Sometimes I forget to appreciate! I think the man's eyes are very nice!