Thursday, November 14, 2013

Art Every Day Month---- Day # 14

Today it's Photography & Journal Pages
I work in the paint department at Home Depot and for 9 years I've been taking pictures of some of the patterns made by tints as they are dispensed into the paint. Mostly I just save them to my computer but once in a while I will use them in my art or just print and frame them. 
Today I added one to my art journal after spraying a background first and then adding a quote. 

one more quote for today..

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  1. Of course I would have to be later than normal today. Your journal page is awesome. I can't believe those paint colors. What a fun thing to photograph. And I LOVE that quote!

    I save paint chip samples. Does that count (grin)?

  2. What a great idea! That journal page with the paint tints is really cool!! Love that!

  3. Oh wow, these are beautiful patterns. Wonderful inspiration for a painting!

  4. The paint tint patterns would make mixing paint very interesting. There is some real beauty in that! Great idea saving them Carol.