Sunday, May 13, 2012

29 Faces in May day 13..Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day
to all of you that are mothers or caregivers!
My day has been calls from the kids and then shopping at the local garden centers. My traditional Mothers Day event :0) 
Todays face is a watercolor pencil painting.  I think I need to use these more so I get the hang of it...but I still like the painting. 

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  1. I´ve been having a look at all your faces this month. SO many interesting details to see! I´ve never worked with graphites. It might be what I¨m looking for for a better shading. Great work with the watercolour pencils and the one with acrylics is very vibrant.
    Do you have green eyes? Just curious. Most of your faces do and I tend to do mine in blue. :)

  2. Love those eyes, they really pop.

  3. I like it too Carol.
    Yes use them more. I love watercolor pencils. Love the Derwent Inktense for their vibrant colors.