Tuesday, May 1, 2012

29 Faces

Ok,now! It's once again time for 29 Faces :0) Everyone had so much fun in February we decided to try it again. 
This is my
"Girl with Pink Hair" acrylic painting.
She is done on a 9 x 12 inch cold press water color paper. 
Hope you enjoy Our challenge ...and I hope I can keep up this time. May is a very busy month for me...but I'm going to try very very hard :0) 
Check out the other artist...
Ayala Art


  1. She's really food. Love the hair!!!

  2. Great start to the challenge! I may stick to pencil sketches. Or...maybe not. It should be fun to see if we can keep up! :D

  3. She is lovely Carol... vibrant and colorful... what a fabulous month this will be...

    Jenny x

  4. I think there is just something about her hair Carol I might take the picture to my hairdresser, she is wonderful x

  5. Love your color choice, Carol. :) Pink hair rocks! Hope I get to have them one day. :))

  6. wow, that hot pink against the gold is wonderful and lively.