Friday, May 11, 2012

29 Faces in May days 10 & 11

I think I have lost a day and a post this week :0(  I would swear that I posted Day 10 yesterday...but it is no where to be found ????
It's a 6 x 9 Graphite drawing .... I'm really loving my graphites this month.  

However last night they were not working for me at all and after many erasers I finally gave up and just played with the watercolor pencils. The results being....
Not really sure what I think of this one. One minute I look at it and want to throw it away and the next minute I like it in a funky sort of way. 
My day at work yesterday was very stressful so maybe that's why she looks like she does. 
Today was even more stressful and tonight we went a no face tonight... will have to play catch up again :0) 
The Ballet was very good. It was written by my son-in-law and the choreography was done by his daughter.  
It is a spoken word ballet about the effects of Alzheimer's  on a family. 
A tribute to his mother who lost her battle to the disease in 2009. A very moving tribute. 
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  1. The graphite face is my favourite... it shows through that you are enjoying working with graphite.... great tonal work...xx

  2. The ballet sounds amazing, what a lovely tribute. I like your second one, its got a fun stylized look to it!

  3. Your drawings are beautiful and lovely colors in the last one! :)
    Some days are just like that, sometimes when I draw I see only mistakes, but I just go on drawing with only one purpose: to throw it afterwards.. but when I have it completed, I start to like it somehow and it has come to a new look, a new paint.. And I like that! :)

  4. Love your faces, Carol. :) And such a lovely event you went to. You must be so proud of your family. :)

  5. Great faces Carol. The event you attended sounds magical. Happy PPF, Annette x

  6. When you explained being stressed out I could see it in your painting...good job, love the graphite too!!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Your faces are great, even the one that reflects your stressed out day. I would love to see that ballet. Hope you have a happy Mother's Day!

  8. Your faces turned out very well! Great colors! How exciting to be able to attend a Ballet written and choreographed by family, wowza! :)