Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Faces Days 8 & 9

It Sure has been harder to keep up this time around. I knew it would ...spring is always busy for me... at work and at home. 
At least I'm caught up least for today :0) 
The first is a  6 x9 inch painting with acrylics on water color paper. 

Day 9 is a 5 x 7 inch pencil drawing on water color paper.....once again I see the scanner screen needs cleaned again. 
I think I could really get into doing pencils a lot ...I love the shading,,,if only i could do it so well with paints :0( 

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  1. Very nice job Carol. You are really getting into this. You go girl!

  2. Beautiful faces again! Valerie

  3. Lol! My scanner is full of cat hair. :) I have to clean it before I use it and even then some get away. :) Great portrait! Love the shading as well. Try adding color with watercolor pencils. It's more controlled that way and you might like it.

  4. your faces are always so good. You must have a lot of patience cause they look like you spent so much time on them. or you're just a natural.

  5. they are each wonderful faces.
    it is hard to post daily. art daily is not as hard. seems like many of us are posting more than one face at this point. i went camping for three days....

  6. Beautiful faces! How fun to paint and make portraits! :)