Tuesday, September 17, 2013

29 Faces in September #14 - #16

Still struggling with the vision problems here, but they are getting better. So I'm working on backgrounds mostly at this point. Doing things in reverse of my normal routines. We'll see how this turns out.  :)
# 14 
I haven't decided what to do with her hair so she is still a sketch . Thought I'd try ears again.  

# 15 
I'm loving her hair so far and can't wait to start adding more details to her. I didn't apply enough masking fluid to the facial area so some of the inks and paints bled through but I think it will work out ok in the end.

With this one I have no idea where I am going. I'm sure that by the time I get to her I will have come up with something . 

I worked outside again on Sunday and made the bees angry again. Four stings this time :( The little buggers are fierce this year. But I stuck it out and managed to get one very overgrown flowerbed cleared out all pretty again. Thinned out enough plants to start another bed somewhere. Just have to decide where I want to be attacked next . LOL!
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  1. Carol, your work on the faces is very nice. I think your lady is quite pretty.
    About the bees, could they be yellow jackets? They are fiercely aggressive, whereas most bees aren't. If you know where their hole in the ground is, pour some gasoline in the hole but only when they are inactive at night. If they have a nest on a door or window frame, get some hornet spray. You can stand quite far away to spray them.

  2. I was just reminding the bees that the gardens are shared space, a collaborative space, and that I give them extra space as autumn approaches and all I ask is that they do the same in return. So far, so good.

    It looks like you're have a good time with your faces, they're all evolving so nicely!

    Take and be well!

  3. Lovely work! I know some guys who pick up bees and sting their arms on purpose, they think it makes them stronger! Maybe it will work for you.


  4. Great ears! I generally don't include them. I also love the drips of your other painting. I hope your vision problems get better...

  5. I love seeing your works in progress and look forward to seeing the completed projects.

  6. The faces in progress are really nice with subtle and soft shading. Very pretty! I hope your vision improves soon. I had cataracts a few years ago and it was so hard to do any art before my operations. I wrote an article about making art with cataracts in ArtTrader.

  7. I am enjoying your series of faces! I agree with Faye's comment. I think you are dealing with yellow jackets!

  8. You're making fabulous portraits! :)