Wednesday, September 25, 2013

29 Faces in September Face #25 and #26

Face # 25 is another ACEO  done with markers. 

Face # 26 
Another pencil sketch .

It seems like my journal will be full of faces that can be painted this winter when it's too cold to do anything outside. I'm actually looking forward to all of that art :) 
My cold is getting better so perhaps I'll have the energy for that long list of chores I had made up for this week. Hoping to get at least 3 things knocked off the list before returning to work . 
Did get some yarn dyed yesterday :)  
I think this will make a very cozy scarf for this winter .

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  1. Beautiful yarn! And I love the short cut on the second face. Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Oh how i love the cute hair on your pencil sketch! and the aceo, did you paint her on a page from Gone with the Wind???
    You dye yarn too? how nice! gorgeous colors for a scarf!! :)