Tuesday, September 24, 2013

29 Faces in September Faces 23 and 24

It's beautiful outside ! I took this week off to get things done outside and inside before the rainy season hits . I've managed to get a lot done so far...including discovering the  cause of the "Bee Stings"  YELLOW JACKETS! A huge underground nest right next to the front patio...under the over grown Moonflower Bush.  I'm not a fan of killing pollenaters....but let's just say that 8 stings in 10 days pushed me beyond compassion. Them nasty buggers have got to die! So I've fogged and sprayed for 2 days now and I'm only seeing a very few of the nasties still flying around. :)  My patio is my own again and I don't fear working in the flower beds. 
Today was art day. After working hard around the house for 3 days I gave myself a day of fun. 
Face #23
I decided to do another face of my that is closer to how he looked recently. 

Face # 24 
is another ACEO .

I used to only do art in this size but haven't done much of it for a few years now.  With my eye problems this year I had to drag out the big magnifier .... kind of a different feeling painting that way. I do like how she turned out though. 
The challenge is almost over and I'm feeling kind of sad. I'll have to find another challenge or a class to keep the juices flowing :) 
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  1. Awesome faces Carol. Did your friend recently undergo kemo? Very good work. Yes it is almost over and I plan on dedicating my time to my other projects I have going here at home. Glad you got rid of those bees. We have a lot of bees here as well. They scare me.:) Take care and have a great rest of the week.

  2. Both faces show such great ability, Carol. I like the more finished look of your friend's portrait. And the ACEO girl is beautiful. Love the look on her face, so kind looking. Yellow Jackets are vicious. I feel no guilt in getting rid of them. I know for a fact that bees pollinate. I'd have to look it up to see if yellow jackets do too. I've only seen them hanging in nests and swarming up from holes in the ground.

  3. Very nice faces! I especially like your ACEO, the hair design is wonderful. I hate killing things too, but you need your space to be a safe space...

  4. Great faces! And you reminded me of a nest my old dog once discovered … and dug up. Poor fella was stung so bad, but he responded well with herbs and ice and love.

    I hope you keep the juices flowing … with or without external stimulation!

  5. Great faces! I would love to be able to draw. Glad you are getting rid of the yellow jackets!! We now have them close to where we sit under the Oaks. We haven't found their home yet........
    Enjoy your Thursday!