Thursday, September 5, 2013

I'm Doing 29 Faces in September ..Well Sort of Maybe...At Least I'm Going to Try # 4

Yesterday definitely wasn't my day.... or at least not one of my better ones . 
Work was a "ZOO" and I swear people took a double dose of "cranky pills" before heading out to shop. 
It was oh so hard not to start slapping on the shock collars and pressing that "ZAP" button full blast :) 
Just a little mental visual I use to cope with stressful customers. 
After arriving home I wondered out to the flower garden where the bees were feeding frantically on the Moon Flowers. They obviously did not enjoy my company because 3 of the little monsters decided to chase me away and leave their stingers in my body :(  Which really surprised me because bees and I usually get along together very well. 
So after all of that frustration the only art I got done was a simple pencil sketch.
Hopefully tonight will be more productive . 
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  1. So sorry you got stung Carol. Hope all is okay. That's a very nice sketch after a difficult day at work a bees stinging you. I like the black and white. Thanks. Happy PPF!

  2. Your drawing is charming & she has lovely lips :) I was thinking about the expression you put in her eyes... a bit like she was puzzled or bewildered and after reading about your day i understand now. She's probably wondering "why did the bees sting me when we always get along so well?!" :)

  3. Sorry about the stings :oS But your face for the challenge is cute :o)

  4. She's a wonderful sketch and I'll be she was Good Medicine for your less-than-ideal day. Things will get better ~ just hold a Good thought!

  5. The eyes are so expressive. She looks wide-eyed and innocent.

  6. so sorry yesterday was such a bummer, Carol. I hope today was better, but having been in retail myself, I know that Fridays can be wild. I hope the people you deal with today are much better. Your drawing is great. I think she will make a beautiful painting.

  7. Owie on the stings. Hope they feel better. Lovely face.
    Keep your fingers crossed for rain!!!