Wednesday, September 11, 2013

29 Faces in September 2013 # 10 and #11

Getting into the groove here finally :) with 
face # 10 is a sketch in my art journal with a a background started. Just in case I decide to go ahead and paint the face. 

Decided to give ears a shot while I was at it...
Face #11 is a rework of a face from way back when that I did with my non dominant hand. Was never happy with it and now I can live with it. While I was working on it this morning the song from the Doors kept going through my mind so I added the lyrics.
 The compass stencil is a new toy from StencilGirl Products 
that was designed by 
Mary Nasser :) 
Love it !!! 
the before....
the after....
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  1. Love it, Carol!
    What a fun portrait on the glad you could incorporate the compass stencil!! :)
    You are on a roll with your art again!!

  2. Carol, both are terrific. I can't believe you did any art with non=dominant hand!!! The last face with the bluish shadows is so cool. Just love it.

  3. Before and after....Wow!! And the blue girl is just wonderful.

  4. Love the before.. :)

  5. Hi Carol. Love your blue girl. You keep getting better and better. Way to go. Awesome. Thanks

  6. I am so enjoying your work it always brings a smile to my face. The one at the top is beautiful! & The girl with wild hair you did with music from the doors in your head is lots of fun. i clicked on it to see it larger and was so happy to see you wrote out the lyrics to Strange! now that song is in my head!! :D

  7. Love the drawing against the blue … and if you do embellish her face with paint, I hope you'll return to share it with us. I was fun to see your before-n-after work too!

  8. Love what you've been doing so far with the 29 faces. Good that you reworked that face because I love it and that text goes beautifully with it!