Monday, September 2, 2013

I'm Doing 29 Faces in September ..Well Sort of Maybe...At Least I'm Going to Try

29 Faces in September 2013
I am... I am not...I am... I am not....
This has been going on in my head for weeks now :( 
It hasn't been a very artful year here...
so much going on and busy.... busy... busy....
 with so many things. I just haven't felt the desire to do much art..until lately.
The paints are calling me ...begging to be released from their tubes while little visions dance through my head singing....
So I pulled out my journal and drug my painting supplies out to the deck. The first truly beautiful and pleasant day we've had in a couple of weeks or more. 
No humidity to speak of temps in the upper 70's. 
Perfect " Arting " weather ♥
I decided to so a mixed media page in my journal using one of my "tint purge" blobs I bring home from work. 
I work in a paint department and every morning we have to clear out the tint machines by purging a tiny bit of tints out onto a piece of paper. I've started smashing these drops of tints together between 2 pieces of paper to see what kinds of colorful images it will create. Long story short (well shorter) I used a couple of these blobs by cutting them up and collaging them onto my journal page for the hair. They are not super stable and won't work for permanent art...but it's fun to play with . 
 So here is 
"Finding Balance" .
A little page to help get the creative drive kicked back into gear and my first entry for 
 29 Faces in September 2013

Be sure and check out the other artist doing this challenge. We'll see just how well I keep up .

29 faces


  1. Awesome Carol! Love it. I really love her hair. Thanks.

  2. love it! and your title "finding balance isn't easy" is so perfect with her & her big hair! your work brought a huge smile to my face! BTW i am now following your blog :)

  3. Carol, it is so good to find you here on 29 faces! Love your lady. Her hair would certainly cause balance problems.

  4. Great work Carol. Really love your style.

  5. Great start and best wishes for keeping up ~ I'm hoping to see more!

  6. Good Morning Carol! Isn't it beautiful this morning. My whole "self" just feels better. I can't take those days and days of heat with no rain. Ahhh is all I can say! I love what you have done with the "tint purge" blobs!! Finding balance isn't easy, I am always working on it. Enjoy this beautiful day in Missouri!!!

  7. Ha, what a great idea! That's recycling in its highest form ;-) So wonderful that you're participating again, and I'll keep my thumbs up that you'll be able to finish it!